lørdag, november 10, 2007


EuroSurveillance — Peer-reviewed European information on communicable disease surveillance and control:

EuroSurveillance is a leading independent European scientific journal devoted to the epidemiology, surveillance, prevention and control of communicable diseases. It is published by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ecdc) in Stockholm, Sweden. EuroSurveillance is available in three separate formats: a weekly online release, concentrating on timely dissemination of preliminary and short outbreak reports, and new developments concerning communicable diseases relevant to Europe; a monthly online release, which features longer, in-depth analyses of outbreaks and the epidemiology of infectious diseases as well as articles on policies and guidance for the prevention of communicable diseases; and a quarterly print edition, which compiles material from the monthly and weekly releases. In addition, e-alerts are sometimes released on events that need to be urgently communicated to the readers for rapid public health action.

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