torsdag, september 25, 2008

Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2004

Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2004 Integrating nutrition and physical activity

The Nordic countries have for several decades collab­orated in setting guide­lines for diet­ary compos­ition and recom­mended intakes of nutrients. This 4th edition, NNR 2004, contains a summary, presented in chapters 1 and 2, while the sub­sequent chapters provide the scien­tific back­ground document­ation. Recommend­ations have been changed only when strong scien­tific evidence has evolved since the 3rd edition. A Nordic per­spect­ive has been accounted for in setting the recommend­ations.

A chapter on physical activity has been added and inter­action with physical activity has been taken into account for the individual nutrient recommend­ations wherever appropriate. The chapters on energy require­ment, eating pattern, anti­oxidants and breast­feeding have been reviewed and updated and a new chapter on food-based recommend­ations included.

The primary aim of the NNR 2004 report is to present the scien­tific back­ground of the Nordic Nutrition Recommend­ations and their applic­ation. In addition the report can be used as a complement to text books in the field of nutrition, but it is not attempting to give a compre­hensive overview of meta­bolism, physio­logy and clinical aspects of each nutrient or topic.

A secondary aim for NNR 2004 is to function as a basis for national recommend­ations adopted individually by the Nordic countries.
ISBN 92-893-1062-6

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